Making Home Sweet

Home sweet home. That’s a funny phrase, isn’t it? Sweet as in an element of taste (literally or figuratively) or the slang affirmative? Is your home filled with lollipops, slick taste aficionado, or 13 year olds appraising the latest skateboard trick? No? Am I the only person that wonders about these things?

Anyway. (Easily distracted. Sorry.)

I have no major and/or public resolutions other than to help make our home “sweeter.” Cody has worked hard on two big painting projects this past month–the master bedroom and the dining room. He is about 99% done with the bedroom and about 90% done with the dining room. Next, we are taking on the den–which is the second room with wallpaper that has been painted over. Should be fun!


New dining room look (peering into the living room). Paint color is Valpsar’s “Cider” with “Safari Brown” trim. This room had been a faint blue with mint green trim.

In addition to painting, I’m working on new culinary projects this year in hopes of making Cody’s breaks from painting sweeter (or savory-er). I’m really starting to get interested in making bread at home. I found this recipe for no knead bread and I currently have my third loaf in the oven. This time, I added rosemary and basil…first time I have tweaked the recipe. I hope to start bringing bread to work for lunch, along with soup or hummus…or the like. Now that I’ve found no knead bread (and how ridiculous simple it is), I want to try some other knead-ier options. But first, I must acquire at least a couple appropriate pans for bread baking. The no knead bread is so deliciously simple as it only requires a heavyweight lidded pot and approximately 5 minutes of preparation.


Batch two of no knead bread. The loaf is rustic looking and was generously dusted with flour before baking, as you can see. Tasty.

Look for more recipe and house updates to come this year. I am thankful for your continued support of this introvert’s meager web presence.

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